Saturday, October 29, 2016

Samhain Celebraton

Crazed  Poppet Creations on FB ( Debbi Decker) 

Banish all that no longer serves you!  I feel this to be true.  Perfect thick foggy day for my Samhain post! 

Gratitude dissolves stress and creative friends forever provide kindnesses to be grateful for! Handcrafted treats from US, Wales and OZ! 

Michelle from OZ has amazed me with this accordion flip book! 

My tree house is new to me so I am gentle with the decorations this year, but there will be a celebration!  There MUST! 

Friends to talk to .........I have missed you!  And a Welcome to those who find me in my dreams! 

Off to fill the treat tray, gather ALL the fabulous movies and retreat to another Realm, one that makes 
perfect sense to ME!   Gratitude & Love to all........many blessings to come!  xoDebi

Sunday, October 2, 2016

October is Pure Magick!

Hello mystic seekers!  I love everyday this month brings! Inner joy bubbles at the change of colour from my new creative window!  Who better to to inspire me on but " Autumn" ( gift from Little Gothic Horror, Aussie Cutie) 

So many thought filled posts during Tim Burtons Blog Bash!
described in length the creative choices the master made along the way!  I do admire creative control, this artist is true, which his quote rings soooooo true.

Personally I am thrilled with imaginations such as Mr. Burtons.  I'm sure authors such as Ransom Riggs, and others who's prose have been interpreted to the Tim Burton film.   

I am delighted to announce that " She Who Seeks" has been gifted this wonderful story!   I wish to thank each visitor for visiting, participating and starting our mutual love for this Magical Month!  

Canada has welcomed this film , another smile for today!

I must dash, my husband has been promised a pumpkin pie!  Why would he put Dark Shadows on TV,
I'm TORN!   

Blog world is so vibrant this time of year!  Black lipstick kisses!  XxxXxxx